A  M I D S U M M E R  D R E A M

She is structured and yet fluid, and we take that to our silhouettes that tease the warm summer breeze but at the same time know when to restrain themselves. You will find a bit of her penchant for the whimsical in our embroidery that often takes a life of its own. And while her worship for breathable fabric that doesn’t hinder the ease of life comes through, the devil lies in the details for her.

L A K M E  F A S H I O N  W E E K  ‘ 1 8

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We believe that no magic is possible without madness, and we bring that sense of whimsy to our creations.

 O U R  F L A G S H I P  S T O R E

Hyderabad, India


Deep rooted inspiration lying at the intersection of reverie and reality, where romance is well and truly alive..


Exemplifying traditional clothing with a unique sense of style and regal design.


Handwoven textiles embellished with intricate hand embroidery, making our designs timeless.